Author Spotlight

Carolyn Booker-Pierce

Carolyn Booker Pierce is a licensed social worker, author, teacher, mentor, and spiritual leader born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. Carolyn gravitated to chemical dependency counseling as a group, family and individual counselor after graduating with a BA in Social Work at Capital University Columbus Ohio. She then took her years of experience into a local county jail to serve inmates struggling with substance abuse, alcoholism, and family relationship problems. Carolyn desires to help inspire others to grow, heal from their past, and recover from unhealthy lifestyles. Carolyn enjoys spending time with family, church fellowship, traveling, writing and empowering others.

Author Title(s)

“The Lord is My Shepherd” is compilation of short story testimonies of how Psalm 23 comes alive in the personal life of the writer, Carolyn Booker-Pierce. These are real life incidents that confirm Christ Jesus as a being a good Shepherd who cares for his sheep, God’s people…

This is a book about how to deal with and understand the behaviors of a narcissistic partner, family member, friend, boss, or a coworker.

The focus is more on the male narcissist since studies have shown 75%-80% of the narcissist are men…

Loving people that are unstable is not always easy, but we love them anyway. That love doesn’t automatically go away due to an addiction. When a family member, friend, or someone close to us, has an addiction, how do we love them? What does that love look like?