Author Spotlight

Shana Byrd

Shana Byrd has been married to her husband for 18 years and they are the proud parents of 4 sons. She has devoted her life to working with pregnant and parenting youth by helping them obtain the tools to break the cycles of abuse and poverty. Her book, Focus, Trust, and Follow is a book of devotions that use some of her real life experiences to make God’s word relatable to others. It is her hope that those who read her book are inspired and encouraged to focus on God, trust His word, and Follow Him with reckless abandon.

Author Title(s)

Focus, Trust, and Follow is a collection of personal experiences that made God real to me.

I was able to learn that God will use the quietness of a shy child, the boldness of a defiant preteen, and even math equations that don’t make sense to make His word plain.