Writer's Package Subscriptions

Picture this…

You’ve been writing for years. You have a basement full of work that simply needs to be edited and published. File cabinets full of in-complete works that if you had someone to help you organize it then, you’d finally get published.

Well, we have a plan to help you get ALL of your work published at an affordable cost… Here enters the “Writer’s Packages”!!

Each package includes all of the follow services for up to 60,000 words, or 1 novel, per month!!

• 2 ISBN per title
• Library of Congress Registration
• Copyright Registration
• Copyediting for up to 60,000 combined words
• eBook Conversion
• Professional Print Cover Design (eBook cover design included)
• Worldwide Distribution


Publish up to 12 books in 1 year for $3,600/annually or $300/month!!


Publish up to 6 books in 6 months for $2,700/semi-annually or $450/month


Publish up to 1 books a month for $600/month (3 month minimum)